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Our services bring together international expertise, all designed for our customers. As delivery experts, we know time and security of products are important to our clients that is why we keep evolving to provide creative solutions for our clients.

We never stop evolving to create brilliantly simple solutions. We are aware of how easily the needs of our clients can change and are well equipped to give you the very best at all times. When we say LET'S MOVE IT, we’re speaking to the interests of all Fobsmarch Partners, as well as the world at large.

We use our network to help customers manage their goods most efficiently throughout their supply chains. At the top of our value proposition is an intense customer service culture that connects our team worldwide. Our people focus on finding new ways to help our customers succeed, while becoming continuously more efficient ourselves.

Customer relationships are the lifeblood of our business. However, we never forget that our company has responsibilities to many other stakeholders as well: investors, employees, carriers, business partners, local communities and global society.

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What We Do

Freight Management


Managing freight requires more than simply matching shipments to carriers. Today's supply chain is more complex, variable and demanding. With high delivery expectations, multiple carriers, capacity fluctuations and service compliance – all areas where costly disruptions can occur – freight management is more critical than ever.

Fobsmarch freight management solutions provide visibility and control over your network, create the most efficient routes to move product, and help you get the most from carriers. What makes Fobsmarch different is our ability to focus on and affect the entire freight management process, including tactical planning and procurement, as well as accounting functionality.

Dedicated contract carriage


To compete in today's complex global economy, you must look for ways to improve efficiencies, without losing value, in every aspect of your business. One immediate change that can easily help you focus on your core competencies is outsourcing the management of your freight transportation to the experts at Fobsmarch.

With Fobsmarch Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC), you don't have all the worries of fleet ownership, but you receive all the benefits: a safe, efficient fleet that's under your control; visibility to your shipments and deliveries; well-trained, professional drivers; continuous improvement that's measured and tracked; and much more. All this allows you to focus on the real concerns of your business and your customers. Fobsmarch's DCC solution relies on industry expertise, dedication to safety and cutting-edge transportation technology to deliver peak service performance, allowing you to surpass your business goals.

Transportation Services


Transportation solutions do more than move freight at the lowest cost. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, you require a solution tailored to your business.

With cost, service, and punctuality always at the forefront, Fobsmarch identifies the optimal blend of transportation services to meet your needs. Our transportation solutions provide visibility and control over your network, map the most efficient routes to move product, and help you negotiate effectively with carriers.

Our transportation management services help:
*Promote efficiency across all transportation modes
*Get more from your transportation partners
*Gain control of complex operations

Pricing table

Our delivery method

Delivery services
Region States States States States States States
South West
Oyo /3,500 NGN Ekiti /3,500 NGN Osun /3,500 NGN Ondo /3,500 NGN Ogun /3,500 NGN
South South
Edo/4,500 NGN Delta/4,500 NGN Bayelsa/4,500 NGN Akwa Ibom/4,500 NGN Rivers/4,500 NGN Cross River/4,500 NGN
North East
Bauchi/5,000 NGN Borno/5,000 NGN Taraba/5,000 NGN Adamawa/5,000 NGN Yobe/5,000 NGN
South East
Enugu/4,500 NGN Imo/4,500 NGN Abia/4,500 NGN Anambra/4,500 NGN
North Central
Kwara/4,000 NGN Abuja/4,500 NGN Niger/4,500 NGN Kogi/4,500 NGN Benue/4,500 NGN Plateau/4,500 NGN
North West
Zamfara/5,000 NGN Sokoto/5,000 NGN Kaduna/5,000 NGN Kebbi/5,000 NGN Katsina/5,000 NGN
Mainland(within region)/1,000 NGN Mainland(Outskirts)/1,500 NGN Mainland (Ikorodu, Ojo, Trade Fair)/2,000 NGN Mainland - Sango Ota/2,500 NGN Mainland - Island(Ikoyi-Aja bus stop)/1,500 NGN Mainland - Island(Beyond Aja bus stop - Awoyaya)/2,000 NGN
Mainland - Island (Beyond Awoyaya) 3,000 NGN Island - Island (Ikoyi - Ajah)/1,000 NGN Island - Island (Beyond Ajah)/1,500 NGN Island - Mainland (Central Region)/1,500 NGN Island - Mainland (Oustide Central Region)/2,000 NGN Island - Ikorodu/2,000 NGN

Instructions for Interstate price list

1. The above rates apply to small parcels and documents weighing (0-2)kg

2.All services are doorstep-to-doorstep

3. Terms and conditions apply

4. Additional KG attracts extra cost


NGN10,000/ M

  • 10 Deliveries
  • 1 Free delivery at the end of subscription


NGN50,000/ M

  • 50 Deliveries
  • 4 Free deliveries upon subscription renewal
  • NGN 1,000 flat rate for bulk deliveries
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